Fr, 16.05.2013: Vitamin vs. Dantze @ Watergate

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Vitamin vs Dantze

Niconé & Sascha Braemer


Matthias Meyer


Juli N. More

Robin Drimalski

Unsere allmonatliche vitamingeladene Schallbetankung bekommt heute druckintensive Unterstützung aus dem Dantze-Lager. Niconé und Sascha Breamer kämpfen sich mit poetischem Unterton durch ein Dickicht aus bizarr verästelten Klangsphären und tieffrequenten Sumpflandschaften, flankiert vom Duo Adriatique, die uns zepterschwingend in die Lüfte zu entgleiten drohen. Matthias Meyer und NTFO haben den Ruf weg, der Meerrettich unter den Paarhufern zu sein, was in etwa soviel Relevanz aufweist wie extrascharfer Senf unter den Fingernägeln. Aber am Ende der Fahnenstange sitzen mit Juli N. More und Robin Drimalski noch zwei Kerle, die den Absprung trotz fahnenbestangter Umstände doch noch wagen. Guten Flug.


Lumières La Nuit Label head Edouard Morin always mentioned Niconé, one of the numerous DJ(poducers I always wanted to see but did not have the chance to, due to ‘conflicting schedule’. I kept an eye on DANTZE ever since I learned about it via Philipp Bader. DANTZE is described as follows:

“dantze was formed by Niconé and Philip Bader on a warm fall day in Berlin in 2006. One night three years later, around 4 a.m., Sascha Braemer came on board. dantze’s musical influences can be felt – as its founders know their history: electronic music was their calling before it became their profession, and that happened a long time ago. Concrete club experience, never-ending after-hours, a pumping bassline, delicate beats and a passion that can be felt at the heart – that’s dantze. The essence of their nights in the mix end up on the tracks they release, giving the special energy back to the people.

The artists who release on dantze embrace this philosophy. At the same time, special attention is paid to the cultivation of each musician’s individuality, and that attention ensures a variation of tracks that lets every record grow into a unique masterpiece. Thus far, Berlin friends like Nico Stojan, Channel X and the bewitching Britta Arnold have contributed their arts, as well as the regulars Daniel Dreier, Nico Schwind and Dale. dantze is thrilled to work with such fantastic people and artists.
Niconé, Philip Bader and Sascha Braemer travel the world over as DJs and always come home with their bags full of inspiration and new friends. The global techno village of Berlin has already played host to a collaboration for example with Israel and Japan, leading to releases on dantze by Abeer Sheikh and Tazaka.

We love what we do and do what we love, so dantze, baby – dantze with us!

About the artists who will guarantee you a lot of fun:

This is Niconé‘s FB page:

And this the one of Sascha Braemer – I recall a birthday party years ago, Oliver $ played on some floor and it was packed – the best tunes in town that night:

I have seen the guys several times, but we ended up chatting instead of doing the interview I wanted to do for quite a while now: the guys of Adriatique are two of Switzerland’s most promising talents:

Having had the honour to play on the same floor as Matthias Meyer for Berlin Festival 2012, I saw him play a couple of times afterwards ad can assure you of the high quality of his sets:

From the Diynamic Booking agency, and already heard on numerous releases such as Mother Recordings and with Karmon on DIY: NTFO

Very, very happy to see Juli N. More – a mutual friend of ours introduced him to me a few years ago, when I was still into booking business – the last time I saw him play might be somewhere in Treptow, at some summer morning with my friends – you should check him out!!

Last but not least, let’s no forget one of the friendliest WATERGATE crew members Robin Drimalski, who is playing, too!

This line-up should not be missed! 

Here is the FB link to the event:

* If you want to attend the party, please like the post on the stylistberlin FB page and put a comment under THIS post: Who is the artist you like to see the most & why?

Winners will be announced a day before the event!

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  1. Max Wend says:

    I’ve been a fan of Diynamic since discovering Stimming 5 years ago. I’ve seen him DJ Phono, Solomun, Kollektiv Turmstraße but never Adriatique. So I’m expecting this to be good tonight!

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