Art Village x Berlin Festival 2012: Interviews Part 4 – CRYSTAL MAFIA, QITC, PLASTIQUE FANTASTIQUE, INA VIOLA BLASIUS

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stylistberlin is the official media partner of ART VILLAGE x BERLIN FESTIVAL 2012! Here are the artist interviews, so you get a glimpse of who they are and what they do at ART VILLAGE:

stylistberlin presents: the participating artists of ART VILLAGE x BERLIN FESTIVAL 2012

Three questions, three answers.


* In original form as they were handed in


1. Who are you, what are you doing and what does your artwork stand for?
We are Crystalmafia. we are Party Makers, Soul Shakers, Heart Breakers. We Drink like fish, swear like Sailors and Sing like the Sirens.

2. What are you going to do at the ART VILLAGE?
We are going to create a fantasy camp.

3. What is your next project after the ART VILLAGE?
After art village we are traveling deep into the swiss mountains hunting for mythical creatures.



* Photograph by Jesper Ipsen

QiTC is a performance in search of a new forms of contemporary dancing. As a part of “Art Village” at the Berlin Festival QiTC presents  “All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom” – a dance piece about communication.

1. Who are you, what are you doing and what does your artwork stand for?
We are QITC, four dancers Nuria Hoeyng, Franka Marlene Foht, Laura Bächer and Katarina Tuomiluoma, all of us with different origins of dance. QITC stands for “Quiet in the Corner”. This has something to do with the situation, when we have met each other and realized, that we want to do our own thing and release ourselves from what we were told to do. Furthermore, we like that QITC sounds like “Kids” and the association, which it results. Together, we are creating a movement language, which combines different dance styles and expresses things out of our daily lifes. Our choreographies can become part of other projects, but can also stand for themselfs and be shown at a Persormance Festival, for example. We would like to bring the coeval dance closer to the people, to show how much of unsaid the body can express.

2. What are you going to do at the ART VILLAGE?
In the “Art Village”, our performance “All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom” will be shown. It is about the situation, when standing in the queue for the bathroom at a party and what can happen during this time. In the broader sense, it is about hasty relationships between people, which get more intense or break again. About the becoming trust and the insecurity, that is always present, as everybody is only responsible for himself.

3. What is your next project after the ART VILLAGE?
The next step will of course be to train and develop ourselves. As all of us were very busy in the last time, there was not a lot of time left for QITC. This should change from now on. We will work on new performances and we will see what comes next. Two of us can be seen dancing at “Party Arty”.


ART VILLAGE x BERLIN FESTIVAL 2012: Plastique Fantastique*

* no picture

1. Who are you, what are you doing and what does your artwork stand for?
Plastique Fantastique is a collective for temporary architecture that samples the performative possibilities of urban environments. Established in Berlin in 1999, Plastique Fantastique has been influenced by the unique circumstances that made the city a laboratory for temporary spaces. Their interventions change the way we perceive and interact in urban environments.

Marco Canevacci is the leader in chief of Plastique Fantastique and has called Berlin home since 1991. He has established and run clubs and was an active in the music scene of Berlin in the early 90’s.

Marco Barotti is the personality behind the emotion maker. A musician, Marco studied at the Academy of Jazz in Siena. Based in Berlin, he designs and conducts his own experiments into tube and hand drums and works regularly in inter-disciplinary teams to intervene in urban space and part of the contemporary music scene in Berlin.

Architettura Sonora create immersive spatial audio systems. They specifically design sonic modules that achieve incredible performances either indoor or outside.

2. What are you going to do at the ART VILLAGE?
The Emotion Maker 2.0 evokes feelings and moods in rapid succession through intimate contact with music. An experimental, inter-disciplinary urban intervention, the temporary performance chamber is home to an interactive sound installation that connects participants to hundreds of music samples prerecorded by 100 different musicians representing their own emotions.

Tracks are loaded onto an interactive device that allows visitors to remix the emotions into a composition of their own.

The performance is monitored by an algorithm that regulates the new music being created. Once inside the chamber, the interactive concert arouses the emotions and feelings of the musicians in quick succession.

To date, the Emotion Maker has brought its intimate, self directed concert experience to the cities of Berlin, Bilbao and London.

3. What is your next project after the ART VILLAGE?
The collaboration between Plastique Fantastique and Marco BArotti will focus mostly on a project called Jellyfish Drums or Fitness Drumming: an interactive inflatable Drum Machine.



1. Wer bist du, was machst du und wofür steht deine Kunst?
Ich arbeite interdisziplinär mit vielen Materialien und Formen.

Ich nenne es Wekzeuge, sei es den Stift in die Hand nehmen und zeichnen oder Farbe aus einem Eimer über Metallwürfel schütten oder genaue Schaltpläne entwickeln und mit Hilfe eines Programierers ein Bewegungschemata für eine Objektgruppe entwickeln, Bewegungsmechaniken für Motoren entwerfen und bauen, eine Flex in die Hand nehmen und Objekte in 3 d schnipseln / aus Metall // Stein// Gips // Holz … / oder in Plastilin feine Formen modellieren um sie in Serie im Abdruckverfahren zu multiplizieren…

oder auf der Bühne stehen, Schallwellen produzieren, aufnehmen, modulieren und dem Text seinen Sinn, seine Form und Tonhöhe geben, Kostüme entwickeln, ein Charakter ausmalen und selbst die Skulptur sein.

Jedes Material hat seine Wirkung und jede Idee brauch ein bestimmtes Material …

Warum bin ich hier ? Naja, immer auf der Suche nach dem optimalen ultimativen Sinn, der sich irgendwie ständig neu erfinden muss, oder vielleicht lang noch nicht angekommen ist, ich weiss es nicht.

2. Was wirst du im ART VILAGE machen?
Im Village wird eine meiner Skulpturen zu sehen sein // // auf der man sitzen und liegen kann und ich hoffe jede Zeit der Welt / zumindest für ein paar Sekunden haben wird ;)

3. Was ist dein nächstes Projekt nach dem ART VILLAGE?
In den nächsten paar Wochen werde ich 3 Konzerte in Berlin, Athen und Salzburg haben, mit der Gruppe TANGOWERK TANGOWERK by NHOAH und da jedes Konzert anders verläuft, wird eine Erarbeitung der Shows meine nächste Zeit in Anspruch nehmen.  Danach werde ich eine Rauminstallation entwerfen.


The original interviews can be read in German and English on the Official Art Village x Berlin Festival 2012 Website.

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