17.09.2013: Spinnin’ Records (NL) earned their shitstorm

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Spinnin’ Records is undergoing a shitstorm recently and is being bashed on international media – and if you ask me, THEY EARNED IT.

First of all, I have to say that I am not a hardcore feminist in the Western sense of understanding (and if you want, we can discuss that in another post), BUT I saw some picture that Spinnin’Records from the Netherlands posted on FB and twitter that disturbed me very much.

Browsing the internet, I found a post from Spinnin’ Records, which they apparently found very, very funny (image from the web, if it is yours, please claim it):

Here it said “Pioneer finally developed a CD-J for women”:

spinnin rec



Whereas on twitter, they wrote “Thanks @pioneerDJ for finally developing a CD-J suitable for women”

spinnin rec twitter


Source: twitter (if it is yours, please claim it!)



Of course, it was all but a “joke” – what Spinnin’ Records did not see was, that it was discriminating, sexist and pretty dumb at the same time. Again, I am not a feminist, but to read this was really upsetting, especially the douchebags who wrote it in the first place did not care about at all what had just happenend, when major media wrote about this incident, as they outraged a lot of people (I only followed the shitstorm on twitter).

14.09.2013: Kia Makarechi (Huffington Post) wrote about it and named his article “Spinnin’ Records Should Be Ashamed Of Itself“, also summing the whole thing up in a very compact way. Ashley Perez via buzzfeed collected the responses to Spinnin’ Records tasteless joke on twitter

15.09.2013: Daily Mail (UK) reports that “EDM record label sparks OUTRAGE after posting SEXIST tweet saying there’s ‘finally’ a CD-J ‘suitable for women‘”

16.09.2013: Darren Ressler of Bigshot Mag called it “terribly wrong

And last but not least, on you find interesting information about the founder of the label, Eelko van Koten (grow up, buddy), who does not seem to grasp the hatred the label has just attracted with that sexist remark.


Spinnin’ Records says it has been founded 1999. It has over one million of fans on facebook.

Just for the love of music, I would recommend Mr. Eelko van Koten to be a bit more conscious about what the label promotes. Existing since 1999 and still being on a level of pre-enlightenment? If a label is officially this big, it also carries a lot of responsibility. It is a mystery to me that someone “grown” in numbers has not grown in their minds.

Spinnin’ Records succeeded in offending female DJs and producers as well as the whole DJ scene.


Since Spinnin’ Records does not care about the shitstorm going on, which they caused, and refuse to apologize seriously and discussing this matter in depth, I can only say: ROT IN PIECES. You do not deserve to earn one single cent of the industry nor the attention of anyone having a brain in his/her head.

I hope this incident will raise the awareness of female DJs/producers getting discriminated and maybe be a start to discuss the current situation of the DJ industry, where a big label like this can get away without any damage and people sharing and supporting the “joke”.

Spinnin’ Records earned the shitstorm, and I just hope there are still more people who make decent music and are growing with the music scene.

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