The internet-rant on Ten Walls is disappointing

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Head in Hands

* picture from blurrent

I usually do not engage in online arguments – but even as a small blogger, former radio presenter, promoter and DJ myself, I cannot withhold my concerns about this ugly shitstorming against TEN WALLS aka MARIO BASANOV that is taking over the internet at the moment.

Hate speeches are seen everywhere from people I have never heard of, who take the online-bashing moment to profile themselves (there was a word for it I cannot recall) – which is just very, very, very low.

And the media coverage is far from diplomatic:

FACT Mag  gaystarnews Resident Advisor

The facebook walls of my Berlin friends: DJs, producers, bookers, A&Rs, from famous clubs and venues… are filled with hate…

Screenshot 2015-06-08 23.52.16

– this is coming from a person I highly respect and I personally think is one of the nicest guys on the scene :(

This leads their “followers” engage as an internet-mob:

Screenshot 2015-06-08 23.55.08

– like, REALLY?! You drag shit on his music now? Well, you must be very good informed about the kind of music he produces

Screenshot 2015-06-08 23.57.15

– and WHO are YOU…?

Screenshot 2015-06-08 23.57.34

– So, Phonica will be not stocking his record any more?

Along with comments like “I never heard of him since 2hrs ago”, “Who is this dude?”,  Fort Romeau is cancelling a gig with Ten Walls, Monika Kruse is deleting all tracks from her drive, and some “Glaswegian discotheque duo” are fuelling the mob:

Screenshot 2015-06-09 00.13.24

*screenshot from those guys picturing the demolition of a vinyl by Ten Walls

– “yup, his career is over” and “I can’t enjoy the music of a homophobe”  – just look at these hateful tweets!!!


I also was very upset when I wrote this:

“OH PLEASE. No uncontrolled and unreflected hate speech against Marijus just because (unfortunately, yes) he wrote some unreflected post on his private(!) FB wall – which he already apologized for. If the music community is to shun him out because of his anti-gay comment, you have to shut down following ppl, too:

– all the sexist guys that even I encountered in my short time playing gigs in Germany, also those who think they can impress a woman by stating “Oh yeah, and I have shared a stage with XYZ, I am soooo hot, wanna fxxx?”, because it is insulting all female DJs / women out there

– crackhead DJs stumbling to their turntables because they had a line or two too much with their uncontrolled alcohol consume, because that is not professional

DJs who have ghost producers behind them, because they are lying to the community

– all the producers who steal/borrow tracks and lines/chords made by others, and you know this happens frequently “in the scene”

– all the girlfriends of DJs and producers who suddenly quit their daytime-jobs and are riding on the fame of their S.O.s, because that is lame, too, right?

– all the racist, chauvinist DJs and producers who cannot keep their mouths shut and release brainless “shit” on their walls and pages

– that world-top 5-famous DJ who put secretly substances in his punch at his home party so every guest got high without knowing, so he could have a crazy crowd on camera

– all the DJs who somehow manage to get out of their little village homes to travel around the world and behave utterly stupid when they are abroad, disregarding culture and customs of those foreign countries – because, you know, that is really unacceptable

all female DJs who play half naked with their boobs out to get a gig, because sex sells, not their pre-mixed tracklists, can we talk about that, too?

– oh, wait, why is non of my male musician friends NOT ranting about that Action Bronson track he made a few years ago that is encouraging rape-culture???
WHILE WE ARE AT IT maybe I should call out my friend on facebook who recently did a girls’ trip crossing the USA and uploaded two stupid videos imitating “stereotypical Asian tourists” that cannot pronounce the English “r”?

Shall I post all the names online, too? It is one thing to have a different opinion and be outraged by an anti-gay remark by someone, and another to encourage an unreflected shitstorm about a single wall post.

Where were you while this pseudo-feminist-debate in the German newspaper took place recently? Where were you when ships sank with hundreds of people drowning? Where were you when you were asked to engage in the petition for same-sex-marriage? Where does your sudden shitstorming come from?

If you want to call him out and sabotage his work, do it, but please not out of superficial “political correctness” when you have not once in your life attended an LGBT-event, signed a petition because you believe in it, or have any LGBT friends in your life. It is the hypocrisy that is disturbing.

I do agree with most of the “haters” out there that as an artist with a huge audience, you should be especially careful on how you state your opinion on the internet, but c’mon. If you encourage comments by random haters like “His Music is probably as bad as his ideas on society” – you should be ashamed of yourself. (Just for your info, I personally really liked his collab with Vidis!)

I unfriended and cut all contact with a super famous major label DJ who added me – when I saw him posting fat-shaming and sexist comments, at the same time he had an anorexic girlfriend whose ribs you could play guitar on. And some of YOU people reading this post are still friends with him. So what?

A lot of you people have left rather sexist, racist, or utterly unreflected (“stupid”) rants on FB in the past, and I am still friends with you – because people can sometimes be stupid and unreflected, and I might have done the same in the past, and it can always happen in the future.

Before you point a finger at someone, always think about yourself, three fingers are always pointing back at you.

I am not saying that I agree with Marijus’ opinion, but I want to point out that other than raging in front of your computers, a more diplomatic attitude would rather result in a positive discussion culture and contribution to the scene, just MHO.

The hate speeches by some of my dear friends are truly making me sad.

‪#‎lovemusic‬ ‪#‎lovethecommunity‬ ‪#‎loveyourneighbour‬


Fortunately enough, I have friends and acquaintances who do not lose their heads and participate in that online-mobbing:


Screenshot 2015-06-09 00.00.37

Instead of rather embracing those who might be a bit short-sighted, and spread some education – shitstorming and hurting people just because a hate-speech delivered through various internet-channels is convenient… I am very disappointed by the “scene”. We always claim “OneLove” and now this.

Using intolerance to teach an intolerant person tolerance – is not a very smart move, IMHO.


Think about it.

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