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2012: A new label finally hit Berlin’s music world and knocked people off the feet with the first release by Antonio Olivieri and I’m fine: STEYOYOKE. I was really looking forward to this one because I do respect the artists behind the label a lot.


Our mission is to create a music experience rather than focusing on the image of the artists.


STEYOYOKE: “Steyoyoke is a new Berlin-based house label founded by a like- minded creative crew with a love for high quality and feel-good music. We want to show that music-art is still alive and that new and fresh ideas are worth being listened to and spread.”

The guys could not have put it in better words. Very critical about the “scene” in Berlin these days due to the recent issue of a label head stealing the idea of a track by a friend, I was wishing that people would come up with a fresh idea to clean the ongoing mess up. So welcoming the new label very much, as it speaks from my heart with the aims:

STEYOYOKE: “Steyoyoke is more than just a normal label. We are an open network that focuses on communication with our listeners. Steyoyoke strives to discover artists with forward-thinking underground music. Our mission is to create a music experience rather than focusing on the image of the artists. Let’s go back to the days when it was all about music!”

Back to the days when it was all about music – I hope some people out there will get back to the roots and reconsider what this all is really about.

STEYOYOKE: “For sure we do not claim or expect to change the “waterlogged” music business, but we consider music as the main product dropping the idea of fashionable things like sponsors, magazine covers and super cool pictures.
Steyoyoke welcomes you to its fascinating world of exciting sounds and outstanding production of house music.”


The artists behind Steyoyoke are: Antonio Olivieri, I’m Fine, Soulbutton and Bartok.





“Antonio Olivieri, born in Italy, is a passionate music lover. Exhausted by the mainstream philosophy after some experiences with major Italian labels such as Saifam Group, Antonio moved to Berlin in 2008 to fulfill his philosophical view on modern electronic music.

At this point he had already left pure dj-ing and put his focus on performing live sets to convey a genuine live-feeling to the audience. The audible result is a dancefloor journey through Funk, Tech-House and a tasty mix of solid grooves and extraordinary melody sequences.In the past Antonio surely proved that he is a capable and highly skilled actor, touching different moods and styles of house music with some excursion into deep and techno. Listening to his music, it is not hard to notice his aptitude for melody, which is probably an imprinting residue of Antonio’s education on classical guitar over many years.

Latest vinyl and digital releases are on “”, “Darkroom Dubs”, and newly on “Steyoyoke”. Another EP worth mentioning is surely “Noton” with the Belgian label “LiftYourHeadUp” (an unconventional approach on classical guitar recordings and nasty, basic rhythms).
Antonio’s belief in concrete and emotional music prevails, as a statement in opposition to library based arrangements and the aesthetic crisis happening today.

You can find Antonio performing his live-sets mainly in well-known and ongoing locations in Berlin.”

stylistberlin interview with Antonio Olivieri:





“I’m Fine stands for innovative and modern electronic music with a pinch of happiness and sunshine.

Take the biggest Saxophone you can imagine, a drop of morning dew and a zip from your cocktail, combine it with the greatest House beats you have ever heard and you still won’t even get close to what these guys are capable of.

The two producers from I’m Fine always put the focus on fresh and natural sounds and elements that come deep from the heart of House and Techno music to contribute their part to Berlin’s notorious electronic music scene.

More to come!”





“Already considered in the past an exciting talent, first in the field of Hip Hop and then in the Techno and House scenes, Soul Button is the new project of a well-established forward thinking dj and producer.

Soul Button is born alongside the Berlin-base house label Steyoyoke: a key figure of the label who follows the same philosophy of putting primary focus on the music and communication rather than on fashionable images and artist names.
In order to convey the message, he chooses the Button to underline the concept:

“Each unbuttoned Button is a disclosed secret,
a higher level of conscious intimacy.
Each fastened Button is a hard barrier,
an insurmountable obstacle.
According to that, the Button becomes a symbol of communication.” (quotation)

In this music world where the artist is considered a collector, a discoverer of sounds, Soul Button blends his love for mellow soul music with slamming groovy house cuts, widely varied styles and influences in which he works together with skilled singers.

Ranging from soulful and melodic deep house to the freshest tech-house and combining his superlative engineering skills, 2012 will be his busiest, most challenging and productive year yet.”





“Everyone has a spot in his bedroom where useless stuff, notes and old memories come together for no particular reason. You know you should throw it out at some point. You just can’t!

Well, imagine someone making music following the same paradigm. That’s Bartok.

As many unrelated objects come together in the corner of your room originating a new entity without any attachment to reality, Bartok musically moves into a space with no stable reference, apart from true research for genuine entertainment.

Years of engaged work in the electronic music scene are Bartok’s motivation and damnation, in a love&hate relationship with club culture and all of the further meanings that commercial society constantly tries to melt with it: fashion, brand identification, and trends. Music has no high heels, jewels, fashionable clothes or any of those trendy things so lets keep the focus on what’s real!”

*** Label launch party: 15 March 2012 at Prince Charles – the line-up is massive, so stay tuned! ***

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