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Nathaniel Self aka Zombie Disco Squad has released his first release after officially splitting the team with Lucas Hunter, who is active in the house music scene as Luca Lozano at the moment.

Respect to Zombie Disco Squad this is a brilliant masterpiece of musical knowledge, full support and i’m dedicating a whole Cd in my book to them as i will be playing most of these tracks. Serious Love.  
DJ Sneak

Zombie Disco Squad were raised from the dead in 2006. Starting out as DJs, their Zombie Disco Squad parties across east and west London quickly became the thing of legend. Meanwhile, residencies at the likes of Dalston-den Catch and Central-London playground The Social, a slew of internet based mix tapes and a track ‘Straight Boy’ given away for free clocking over 10,000 downloads meant that Zombie Disco Squad soon found themselves touring the world bringing their own version of haunted house to the masses.

Things have changed since those days with Lucas Hunter recently departing the Zombies and leaving Nat Self as the last Zombie standing. Whilst the line up may have altered the philosophy has not; Nat’s sound is inspired by everything from classic house, ghetto tech, disco and hip hop. It’s this off-kilter approach to dance music that continues to see Nat in demand as a DJ, playing at the seediest rave dens to the biggest brightest clubs, including a residency at Berlin’s Watergate for ‘Made For The Night’, Fusion Festival, Hard Festival Los Angeles, Piknic Electronic, Montreal, Australia Tour, all over Europe, as well as back in his homeland of England.
DJ Feedback:

Dyed Soundorom – Outstanding album! Be Down and Just Can’t are my new favs here, 5/5

Riva Starr – Its very rare to find an album where all the tracks are good… and this is no exception… JOKE! love em all good job. 5/5

Davide Squillace – some really good stuff on here! 5/5

Roman Flugel – Yep, ready to get some sunburn with this hot release. Even in Germany. 4/5

Mark Farina – Goodness! 4/5

Samim – awesome! Like it allot 5/5

M.A.N.D.Y. – Great album! Thank you for the music! 4/5

DJ Feadz – just recovering from the single, which is extra good! Big up Z.D.S. !! gonna support it a lot 4/5

The album release party is gonna take two days and has a huge line-up:

I promised myself not to go out clubbing due to my other projects for some weeks, but this line-up is toooooooo good: Adana Twins!! Mercury feat. Robert Owens!!! Bubba!!!!!! alongside ZDS and all the others incl. hot tips Marceao and Arthur!!!

Don’t miss this one!!

Entry Saturday 10 EUR / Sunday 3 EUR
VVK tickets are valid for both days + wristband for our reduced price Jägermeister bar.

Zombie Disco Squad (Made To Play)

Mercury feat Robert Owens I Live

Wildkats (Hot Creations)

Adana Twins (Exploited / Jeudi)

Bubba (Hot Creations)

Monkey Safari (Jackmode)

Elef (Hypercolour / Dirt Crew Rec)

Neoteric (Southern Fried)

Marceao (Hickup / Piano Forte)

Meow (Im Rausch mit Freunden)

Arthurr (Figure ~ 8)
Bernie (Figure ~ 8)
Dr. Fun (Figure ~ 8)
Botev and Nosed (Figure ~ 8)



00:00 – 02:00 Neoteric
02:00 – 05:00 Zombie Disco Squad
05:00 – 07:00 Elef
07:00 – 10:00 Marceao


00:00 – 03:00 Bubba
03:00 – 06:00 Wildkats
06:00 – 09:00 Adana Twins
09:00 – 11:00 Miow
11:00 – 13:00 Mercury & special guest
13:00 – 14:00 Mercury & Robert Owens *Live*
14:00 – end Zombie Disco Squad & Monkey Safari back to back


01:00 – 10:00 Figure ~ 8 all night long

Eintritt Samstag 10 EUR AK / Sonntag 3 EUR

Facebook Event:

“Am ersten Juni Wochenende, dem 2. und 3. Juni, laden Jackmode & Made To Play und Ritter Butzke zur Releaseparty des ende Mai zur Veröffentlichung bereitstehenden Zombie Disco Squad debut Album ’Brains’ .

Seid 2006 international sehr erfolgreich Clubszene unterwegs, hat Zombie Disco Squad sich mittlerweile auch eine beachtliche Fanbase in Berlin erspielt. Gigs in den top clubs und events der Stadt, Watergate, Panorama Bar, Beatfreak und Wasted Unicorn, machen Zombie Disco Squad zu einem Geheimtipp und gern gesehen Gast in der Hauptstadt. Ein Grund mehr für Berlin das größte line up der kompletten Albumtour auf die Beine zu stellen.

Neben Zombie Disco Squad haben wir mit den beiden Hot Creations artists, Wildkats und Bubba, zwei spannende internationale Gäste aus London und Belfast eingeladen. Ein Highlight ist sicher auch der deep house act der Stunde, Adana Twins. Nach ihrem Undergroundhit ’Strange’ sind die Hamburger Jungs gefragter den je, umso mehr freuen wir uns sie in Berlin präsentieren zu dürfen.

Entspannt geht es dann Sonntag weiter mit einem kleinen, intimen Barbecue, daytime dj sets von Zombie Disco Squad und Monkey Safari so wie einem großartigen live set von Mercury gemeinsam mit der house vocalist Legende Robert Owens am Mikrofon. Das ganze mit offenem Ende.

Tickets sind erhältlich für 10€ im Vorverkauf auf RA und an der Abendkasse. Die ersten 100 zahlenden Gäste erhalten zudem Einlassbändchen für das Sonntagsbarbecue.”

The first 100 get free entry to the Sunday-barbecue!!

… and pssssst: Round Table Knights are in town, it would not surprise me if they show up at their jackmode family’s party sooner or later…

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