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Sun, 11 September 2011: The Do-Over Berlin

0 Comments 13 September 2011

Crazy days in Berlin, as always. Numerous label nights, parties, Berlin Music Week, Berlin Festival, oh and to round up all this: Aloe Blacc himself hosting the Do-Over in Berlin!
One of my favourite hip hop DJs, DJ San Gabriel was one of the headlining artists. Since I had missed so many HHDS parties the past months and bumped into him around my quarter so many times now, I could not miss to see him (during daylight!) at this event.
Picknick was lovely, you saw the usual suspects and for a change, Berlin had to offer loads of sunshine, people were sitting behind the DJ and chatting on the grass.
 oops sorry!
 You know I prefer events when it is not so full, so you can dance – but believe me, the floor was packed after a short while!
One thing I will never understand about the Berlin scene – why do you go see some great MC`s & DJs if you just want to sit around and observe people?
Be courageous.
Dancing people are beautiful.
 DJ San Gabriel & Aloe Blacc in action!
(And boring people in the back)
Was lovely to see you both <3

It is good to see that Aloe Blacc, an old acquaintance of Daniel Brandt is finally having the spotlight on him; it is said how hard he worked to get his career to this point. I am very happy to see the fruits of diligence and can recommend t the youngsters: stay true to yourself and work hard and never give up. Seeing Aloe Blacc singing freestyle to Gab`s tunes made me smile.
The guests included many famous people in the business, and I hope for the event, it was a good thing to have them all around. I think the crowd enjoyed the music as well, everyone was clapping after the set and performance. For the first time in Berlin? Do-over did a good job for that. Thumbs up, see you next time again!

It was a fantastic day.

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