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It is time to introduce a label – this time from Pamplona/Iruna, Spain: MÜSEX INDUSTRIES and their sub-label I-TRAXX RECORDINGS.


“Electronic Platform Musex Industries Label, I-Traxx Recordings, Sofa Tunes, I-Traxx Red Editions. As of 11 May, 2011, four of the most experienced and celebrated producer/DJs to come out of the Basque Country have launched Müsex Industries. Müsex Industries will serve the global electronic music community as a digital label, as well as a booking & promotion agency . We also have our own worldwide press office. Müsex Industries strives to advance the most ground-breaking and talented international electronic artists. Our first series of releases will feature some of the best electronic artists in Spain. (worldwide.)


Unfortunately, most is in Spanish: “Musex is proud to present our new techno labels, I-Traxx Recordings (Techno, Detroit) and the bastard, I-Traxx Red Edition (Electro, Industrial, EBM): I-Traxx recordings un sello dedicado los ritmos que suenan en las pistas de baile mas duras. Unos géneros que alimentan otros géneros, catacumbas donde habita el arte underground por antonomasia Electro, Techno y Hard Techno. Artistas que alimentan las mentes y sobre todo los espíritus de los clubers y raves mas entregados.”

* Next on their labels are Joeski, Justin Harris, David Carreta, Jamie Anderson(!), and Jay Tripwire


Label. I-Traxx Recordings
Artist. III3S aka SuperSobreSaturado
Title. Autoroutes II
Format. Vinyl exclusive
Cat.Number. ITR007V
Release Date. June 2015

“Autoroutes II by Pamplona’s III3S (aka SuperSobreSaturado) is the soundtrack for a 21st-Century trip interconnecting continents and generations of Acid-House lovers and ravers. This record is a hard-driving journey into Phuturistic sounds that takes it back to the Old School.

III3S knows that the best road-trips begin and/or end in Chicago (which is, after all, the start-point of the legendary Route66) and he knows the start-point of any journey into Acid-House is Chicago’s Phuture, the legendary masters whose “Acid Trax” created the genre in 1986.

And so he is humbled to get remix support on this special edition vinyl release from none other than Phuture members Lothario Lee, Dj Spank-Spank, and Ron Maney aka Dj Skull.”

Track list:

1- A III3S – A68 (Acid Mix):  A groovy analog bass line rides a potent four to the floor kick while acid squelch rises over snapping rhythms of hats, snare and rolling rim shots until deep chords bring light like the sunrise after an epic all nighter.

2- B1 III3S – A68 (DJ Spank Spank & Lothario Lee Hard – Acid Remix): The Chicago legends and Acid-House inventors Dj Spank Spank & Lothario Lee step hard on the throttle by adding reverb and distortion to a crushing 4×4 kick. They push the drama of the original’s.

3- B2 III3S – A68 (DJ Skull Remix) Phuture’s Dj Skull draws out the deep, groovy funk of the original’s bass line with a hypnotic, evolving rework.

4- C (Only digital promotion) III3S – A68 (Original Mix)

“AUTOROUTES II, is III3S’ first twelve-inch vinyl on  I-Traxx Recordings (a Musex Industries sub-label based in Pamplona.)

AUTOROUTES II is a driving sonic road-trip through time and space. I know that the greatest road-trips begin and/or end in Chicago and I know that any trip into the banging, psychedelic soundscapes of Acid House must begin and end there as well: with the masters, back where it all began. And so it is a special thrill to have my original track backed with remixes by none other than Dj SKULL, RON MANEY, Dj SPANK SPANK & LOTHARIO LEE, all founding and current members of Chicago’s PHUTURE, whose classic “Acid Tracks” (1987) invented the Acid House genre. Each one a living legend in his own right, these guys are simply the greatest—visionary artists who, even when faced with social and economic adversity, are compelled to create transcendent art as a devotional act. We should all hope to follow their example.

A successful record label grows at the rhythm of its artists, and precisely by following  the example of all the great artists we admire and respect so much, we resist and face tomorrow with confidence and humility. At Musex Industries we are proud to say that, despite launching during the depths of economic and political crises, our young family of labels (Sofa Tunes, I-Traxx Recordings, I-Traxx Red Edition) has grown into something special—some of the best emerging indie electronic labels on the scene today, as evidenced by the calibre of creators with whom we have the profound pleasure to collaborate each day.”

Opinion: A nice team with nice promotion – looking forward to more releases by the Musexx Indistries’ Releases. The EP is based on a strong acid techno track that will suit the more upbeat parties. For my sets, the DJ Skull RMX will work best.

“Amsia, a multi discipline artist of regard known for audio visual installations in some of the most forward looking and respected institutions in Spain like Barcelona´s MACBA or the Sonar festival. He has created the video for “A68 Acid Mix” included on Autoroutes II. The Basque artist delivers an abstract collage of original and sampled visuals using Super 8, video distortion and other analog techniques to represent the lysergic feel of the track.” – Enjoy the M/V!

Müsex Industries Label / Sofa Tunes / I-Traxx Recordings

Cathouse Booking & Promotions

Alfonso el Batallador 9


CP 31007 (Navarra)


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