Review: Antonio Olivieri & I’m Fine – “If I Were Music EP” (SYYK001)

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Steyoyoke is a new Berlin-based house label and its first release is the three track ‘If I Were Music’ EP by I’m Fine (Marco Perschon & Alexander Grafenauer) and Antonio Olivieri. I’m Fine & Antonio Olivieri’s ‘If I Were Music’ is the debut release for the Steyoyoke imprint and hit the shelves in Feb 2012.

I’m Fine are a production outfit who first met at Berlin’s music engineering school, SAE, and have since gone on to establish a tight working relationship and are currently working on a debut album reflecting their jazz, house and techno influences.

Antonio Olivieri is Italian born but now resides in Berlin and has developed a firm reputation via releases for Silicone Soul’s Darkroom Dubs and LustundFreude, amongst others…



Listened 2 SYYK001:

Having waited quite a long time for the launch of this label, I am very happy to announce the first release by Steyoyoke by Antonio Olivieri and I´m Fine. An EP consisting of three original mixes – actually while purchasing a lot of vinyls the past few months, I was a bit sad that you had to pay up to around 10EUR for a single track o vinyl sometimes, or about the same amount for three tracks – one original and two remixes. I welcome this one that has three original ones on it – just as keinemusik showed that it works – and if people demand remixes, there is always the way to release a remix EP like the Round Table Knights did with Paparussi & Say What?! on made to play.

All in all a lovely EP that comes with great artwork and talented artists.

For the whole package of label art, pr, merchandising, first release and release party: four stars out of five. These guys know how to plan and act. Really well done.

Very excited to watch them grow.

The SYYK002 will be released soon and can be ordered already on for example.


SYYK001 Track review:

1.If I were music (Original Mix), 6:50

This down-tempo track with deep male voice invites you to an afterhour in the morning sun, perfectly for the upcoming summer mornings or lounge evenings.

‘If I Were Music’ centres around a titular vocal refrain, pitched and moulded to sit flush with a chord driven slice of classic, deep house production that employs subtle modulation and side-chaining to give soft, undulating vibe.

2.2. Your ghost (Original Mix)

My favourite pick of SYYK001. Female vocal “Cover your heart and I’ll be your ghost…” – reminding me of the Nina Kraviz vocal house releases, only that this track is not as dark and heavy. Melodic, slower than the usual dance tracks and perfect for afterhours.

‘Your Ghost’ is next up and is a cut that creeps towards its many peaks beautifully. Walking bassline and seductive vocal hooks combine with nagging, filtered guitar hits that wrap around the sturdy groove tightly.

3.3. Do not care (Original Mix)


Love the bass tunes. It’s the last song of the EP but could be perfectly mixed into a set during peak time dance sessions. Fun, the vocals are raw and the laughter creates an atmosphere that will make your faces smile on the dancefloor.

Finally, ‘Do Not Care’ ends the EP with a slightly rougher edge. A bubbling, erratic analogue FM leads and hefty sub-bass make for a strong counterpoint to organic feel of the track’s captivating, David Byrne-esque vocals and forays into organic instrumentation.


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