1 Jan 2012: stylistberlin’s “25 Favourited Tracks 2011 Chart”

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01.01.2012 stylistberlin’s “Favourited Tracks 2011 Chart”(order by release):


Luca Lozano: “Heaven and Hell” (KLS003), released 12 Jan 11
120BPM: nice beats and vocals, automatically makes you dance. A timeless great tune. So great that the vinyl was purchased.

Homework: “Whipped Cream” (Exploited), released 18 Feb 11
122 BPM: on completely sold out “Hudson Square” EP (vinyl), this track is light and fun and was our favourite, most played tack of 2011. GOOD JOB, guys!! There’s simply nothing more to add.

Highgrade Disharmonic Orchestra (HDO): “Quintuple Vibes”, released 21 Feb 11
126 BPM: this is one of the tracks that deserved more attention. HDO’s EP “Dizzy Horns” is worth having!

Round Table Knights (made to play): “Say What?!” 28 Feb 11
124 BPM: this tune was played even on a weekend’s morning at Ostbahnhof in Friedrichshain, Berlin and people could listen to it while waiting for the trains… It was played under and over and up and down in every bar and club in Berlin and the Round Table Knights named the album after it – love, love, love. The whole album was a blast!

Antonio Olivieri: “Adelante” (DRD), released 18 Apr 11
126 BPM: Antonio is a genius, and this track is pure dope. Darkroom Dubz has digged gold with this artist. Antonio Olivieri is always playing live, and it’s nice to have some vinyls by him.

Oliver $: “Doin’ ya thang” (PID007), released 25 April 11
124 BPM: we watched it climbing the charts up together, in March 2011 we made jokes about how far it will get – Congrats Oliver $ for this no.1 tune!
– F* the whole debate around this track; fact is, this tune by Oliver $ with voice sampling from Moodyman was “THE TUNE 2011” and brought Moodyman back into people’s minds. Moodyman should thank Oliver $ for the extra PR.

Consistent: “Higher feel” (Exploited), released 25 April 11
124 BPM: The secret producer/DJ collective CONSISTENT has released a sold out hit with this one. Looking forward for more stuff!

Sascha Braemer: “People” (SVT), released 25 Apr 11
126 BPM: One of Stil vor Talent’s biggest producers Sascha Braemer has released an awesome track that was perfect for Berlin’s summer. Nice musicvideo, by the way.

Trickski feat. Ernesto: “Good time to pray”, released 17 Jun 11
115 BPM: probably the slowest track on this chart. Trickski working with Ernesto resulted in one of the best tracks of 2011 – amazing remix by Axel Boman, for example. SloMo House, this was wrapping up the trend of 2011. The whole “Unreality” album by Trickski worth to have.

Telonius: “Last Night” (Gomma), released 23 Jun 11
120 BPM: Telonius produced my favourite tune by Gomma this year (actually, LOVE every single release by Gomma, so could hardly decide which one should be on the charts…) – fun, light, and not stupid – this track works fine when you are looking for some really good dance stuff. Nice vocal work.

Jin Choi: “Full Range” (SER010), released 4 Jul 11
118 BPM: this track got me finally hooked up to Jin Choi’s music, I usually do not listen to deep house stuff, but this track is dope.

Eats Everything: “Entrance Song” (Pets), released 11 Jul 11
123 BPM: Music is the outcome of each and everyone’s personality – and everything that Dan puts out is pure gold. 2012 will be even a greater year for the man that produced one of the best tracks in 2011 – the “Entrance Song” catapulted him into every music lover’s heart. Watch him!

Nhan Solo & Daniel Dexter: “Our thang” (Off Recordings) released 8 Aug 11
120 BPM: Nhan and Dex did a really good job on this release. A track that never gets boring and the remixes by Andre Crom & Martin Dawson, Luca Lozano & Sacha Robotti all in all rounding up the EP to a gold barren – go and buy it, and you have a record that you can play over, and over, and over again. Will be an evergreen.

Justin Martin & Ardalan “Lezgo” (dirtybird), released 24 Aug 11
127 BPM: A track that functions as it is does not need a remix. This follow-up of “Mr. Spock” by Justin and Ardalan did not disappoint the audience: “Lezgo” is a bomb on the floor!

Cocolores: “Heart Quest” (Exploited), released 29 Aug 11
125 BPM: Exploited diggs gold, and with Cocolores, the label has found a team of producer/DJs that has the potential to grow really, really big. Heart Quest works very well on the floor and is one memorable track of 2011!

David Mayer: “Word is Bond” (keinemusik), released 20 Sept 11
124 BPM: After “Crime”, this track caught my attention when it was released. Actually, prefer this one to “Moment”, the name of the EP where it is released. It’s an interesting, fun song that is a fantastic mood maker on the dancefloor, loved by loads of people and supported by stylistberlin as well.

DJ NIBC feat. Anthony Mills: “The Doorman” (Trunkfunk), released 23 Sept 11
129 BPM: Berlin, watch out, this producer has a lot more to offer than most common artists – combining danceable beats with good vocals and a fun baseline, DJ NIBC created one of the best dance tracks in the field of house music in 2011. Listen, go, buy.

Joyce Muniz: “Morning Love” (Exploited), released 29 Sept 11
123 BPM: I wished there were more female producers releasing memorable tunes…! This track is not only HOUSE music, this is pure LOVE! Check out her tunes on Man Recordings as well, tog et a grip of what this lady is capable of!, Jonas Fahz: “Darkness” (Amazing), released 3 Oct 11
126 BPM: is one of the most talented producers that Germany offers – teamed up with Jonas Fahz, he released a very good EP. I am not a fan of tech house that much, but this one was interesting to stay in my mind :) Stay tuned for more stuff by!

The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble feat. Emika (Rework): “Pretend” (!K7), released 24 Oct 11
130 BPM: How genius can someone get? With the BBFE, Daniel, Jan and Paul have created something unique. It doesn’t matter if as SCOTT (Brandt, Brauer) or Solo (Paul Frick), or TRUST (Nano Nansen, Brandt) or as BBF or BBFE… Everything these guys touch turns into something special. If you think that this “electronica” labelled track is not really matchable with your records, go get the Soul Clap House remix.

Doctor Dru, Adana Twins: “Anymore” (BSR), released 26 Oct 11
120 BPM: Doctor Dru and Adana Twins have teamed up to produce some real good tracks 2011! Everyone picked “Juicy Fruit” as favourite track of 2011 by the team, but I pick “Anymore”, because I loved especially the original and the remixes by MANIK and Spieltrieb.

Martin Dawson feat. NRG (Maceo Plex RMX): “Think about it” (Pets), released 14 Nov 11
121 BPM: Love the old school beats, the vocals, the melody part of the track, and the music video :) Martin’s original mix is quite a bomb, but Maceo Plex’ remix is really awesome.

Marcin Czubala: “Just away” (Mobilee), released 14 Nov 11
122 BPM: Kinda mixmatch on this track with vocals and the melody of the actual track – but tuned out to be one of my favourite productions as it is smooth and neat, perfect for chilled evenings.

&ME: “Purple Rain” (keinemusik), released 28 Nov 11
122 BPM: One month before 2011 ends, &ME threw out a new EP called “Purple Rain” – there have been already many many tracks called that, but this is one heavy tune, stirring up the music firmament once again. Get your mind off everything else and let it wander on the vibes of the keinemusik release. Awesome tack.

Robosonic: “The Sweetness” (Jack005), released 13 Dec 11
125 BPM: one long awaited and very much appreciated track by Robosonic – bearing the characteristics of their music like typical elements of computer stirring sounds, but nevertheless evolved into something unexpected, new: after a long pause, these guys prove with “Punchi song” and this track, that they still got it flowing! Looking forward to the tracks they finished over NYE!



Happy New Year.

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