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stylistberlin Interview: Adana Twins (Baalsaal, EXPLOITED)*

It has been a long time the Adana Twins knocked on my door – back then, stylistberlin was still a blog and I had just started writing music reviews and interview. Meanwhile, after the “Helium CowboyEP”, over a year has passed and the guys are very well developing. I have seen them play several times now, already had a “verbal disagreement” with Benni and reconciled, bought almost all their records on vinyl and am in possession of their electronic releases as well. I still like the releases and play them now and then.

I am very happy that I did one of the first interviews with them ever, and now they are getting international recognition (WAD Mag recently featured an interview), I wanted to republish this on the online magazine because I think it is still fun to read. Enjoy!

* Originally published on July 19, 2011 on the stylistberlin blog


Which are your favourite HAMBURGERS?

Marquis de Fuck by White Trash, Rosenbuger Spezial with bio-meat of Rosenburger, Seoul’s Kraze burger, the bird burger,…? 

… Was supposed to be funny ;p

stylistberlin picks:  The Adana Twins! ;)

If I could pick some artist from Hamburg to move to Berlin, it definitely would be the guys  from Adana Twins – Takeiteasy and Freezo, whom you know from their latest release on jeudi records, especially for the track called “Heliumcowboy” which was remixed by i.e. Sacha Robotti:

“What was first? Label or Track? We don´t know. Fact is, “Heliumcowboy” by ADANA TWINS is the first release of JEUDI Records. As soon as we realized that what the duo ADANA TWINS is doing is so JEUDI soundish, the label was born, without being pregnant. “Heliumcowboy” is a driving, minimalistic house tune with a straight hand for the beat. Plus: there has never been a track about a Cuban cowboy! The London based duo Spieltrieb (Lickin Records, Southern fried) and Berlins Sacha Robotti (Klasse Recordings, Berlin Kreuzberg Institut) heard the track and got enthusiastic Both did fantastic remixes and were adopted by the JEUDI family at once! So a real personal track is waiting for your ears. And you`ll see, the feet will follow!”

Here is the Feedback for Heliumcowboy:

_Sylvester Martinez of Yolanda be Cool (Sweat it Out) Sylvester to Sacha Robotti: “…I been LOVING your Heliumcowboy remix. Sooooo cool. Just put it in a mixtape which I am finishing as we speak”

_Homework (Made to Play, Exploited) (Zip) “I’m a big fan of the original. Minimalistic but still warm. Really like the way you mixed the deep and ethnical flavours. We’ll definitely play this one.” (Tom) “Totally agree with my Homework-bro. EP is great! It’s funny how Jan Driver did a wonderful mastering job once again. Sounds so big and warm. Good stuff! Also digging the Robotti mix, but the original is totally our cup of tea!”

 _Act Yo Age (Southern Fried) “Wow a great release to pave the way for a great label. Full support – Sacha Robotti mix will work ace for our sets!”

 _Ville of Renaissance Man (Sound Pellegrino, Made to Play) “Good stuff, I like Sachas remix!” 

_Dcup (Yolanda Be Cool DJ / Australien) “Love it!!” _Moonbootica (Moonbootique) “Geiler Scheiss!” (“Hot Shit”.) _Daniel Dexter (Exploited, Acid Kids) Great Release! Sacha Robotti Remix 5/5 

_Schowi (Bass Ill Euro / Kopfnicker Records) “The original mix is really to my taste..fat..sacha robotti is also great!” _Chris Gruber (Baalsaal Records, 8Bit) “I like the original best..i had expected a more ravy tune..i m really positively surprised..the track is really cool and i m gonna play it.” 

_Malente: (Fool´s Gold, Exploited, No Brainer) “Yo, thanx ! i like the Original and the Spieltrieb Remix.” _Nhan Solo (Urbasian / Berlin): “Thanks for the promo, I am already a huuuuge fan of JEUDI RECORDS!” 

_The Coconut Wireless (Moonbootique) “Great debut from this crazy Adana guys. Hamburg representin`!” 

_Lars Moston (No Brainer) “Great 1st release. sacha robottis remix i like best, but the original is nice , too.”  

_Shir Khan (Exploited) “The sacha robotti remix is killer! played it yesterday at belo horizonte. Cheers Shir Khan.” 

Who are the Adana Twins?! – That was the question I asked myself when I was contacted by them for the first time – the specific details I don’t have in mind any more, but I think friends were playing at Baalsaal and so the connection started… So, to justify my name as “researcher” (even though in another field) I did what everyone would do nowadays if a question comes up – I looked on the internet to find some revealing traces of the identity of the Adana Twins. And I found this one:

ROFL – seriously, love it!!!

“TakeItEasy Adana Twins: Yay! Next Deep Je-udi with Daniel (Man Recordings), DJ Beware (Man Recordings) and Adana Twins (Je-udi Records) on November the 18th!”

The somewhat different PR by Takeiteasy – but maybe unusual ideas and genuine tracks are nothing to  wonder about, as Takeiteasy was the digital art director at Jung von Matt until recently and now is the art director at Heimat Agency in Hamburg…

One of the best evenings remembered and talked about was the birthday celebrated in March at nhow Hotel at the WeSC launching event with an absolutely amazing crew, that is when I met both of the Adana Twins for the first time. At this evening, Freezo was the calmer one with his pretty girlfriend at his side (- a nice picture compared to some of the women  around freaking out and bi***ing about at literally every female fan at the gigs of their boyfriends) and Takeiteasy was the more outgoing one. BUT. Their set was harmonic, powerful and above all – one of the best I have attended so far!

Well, I just like “Heliumcowboy” and I like Takeiteasy and Freezo. 

It’s been quite a busy year for both of the Adana Twin guys, and I am really happy they are coming to Berlin this weekend for the BackJukebox launching party at Ritter Butzke with Doctor Dru, Shir Khan himself, of course, Jack Tennis and new “name” Consistent!

Adana Twins and Doctor Dru on the decks

Before you dive into their music – here is an exclusive interview for stylistberlin, taken with Takeiteasy, because Freezo is on vacation and stylistberlin couldn’t wait any longer to put this online as the guys are coming to Berlin this weekend…:


stylistberlin introduces: The Adana Twins


stylistberlin: Where are you right now?

Takeiteasy: In my livin´ room in Eimsbush.

stylistberlin: What are you doing at the moment?

Takeiteasy: Hmmm… at this moment I´m answering your interview questions. After finishing that I will go to my favorite Greek restaurant to destroy a massive Akropolis Barbecue! YAM!


stylistberlin: Describe yourself in three words or one sentence:

Takeiteasy: Always Laidback!

stylistberlin: Your Soundtrack of your life currently, reason…?

Takeiteasy: The Birds in my Garden! It´s so great if you have the luxury of your own garden. Total silence and only listening to mother nature! That´s the best thing after a hard and stressfully day.

stylistberlin: Top 3 vinyls/tracks on your playlist right now?


Max Essa – How Do You Feel? feat. D.C. Mathias – Kim Ann Foxman Remix

Danny Daze – Fall Away From Love – Original Mix

Lee Foss – Starfruit

stylistberlin: What did you read lately? Do you have time for that at all? 

Takeiteasy: I don’t have that much time to read long books. But if I do, it feels like it’s taking me a year before I am finishing a book. At this moment I am reading for over three months now: “Decoded” by Jay-Z. Very nice! You have to try it! Trust me. And as a big Werder Bremen Soccer Fan and Comunio Player I have to read every day the sports part of the BILD ZEITUNG! Amazing Gossip. Haha.

Recommending: “Decoded”, a book by Jay-Z

stylistberlin: Cigarettes, weed or alcohol?

Takeiteasy: Weecohol!!


stylistberlin: What makes you happy the most at the moment?

Takeiteasy: My girl and our first vinyl on Exploited´s new sublabel Black Jukebox!

Attention to: Black Jukebox Vol.1. with Homework, Doctor Dru & Adana Twins

stylistberlin: Releases from you to keep an eye on

Takeiteasy: Of course Black Jukebox Vol.1. with Homework, Doctor Dru & us, then our first EP on BAALSAAL Records also with our Brother Doctor Dru which is coming in September and our next Adana Twins EP on…. that´s a suprise! :)

stylistberlin: How does your day look like?

Takeiteasy: Wake up, going to work, after work going to the studio, after studio sitting in my garden and then szzzzzzz…….

stylistberlin: Why did you chose an agency based in Berlin (jackmode)?

Takeiteasy: Because I really like the way Jackmode is working´. Not long ago I was responsible for the DEEP JEUDI bookings at Baalsaal and many bookers are answering impersonal with only one word or only one sentence if you sent them a request for one of their artist. Not Jackmode. They were always very polite.

Why jackmode?

I remember when I was sending Daniel my first request for Zombie Disco Squad. 2hours later a got a nice answer, 3hours later we had a nice call and 5 Weeks later the Zombies played at our DEEP JEUDI Night! And this scenario was repeating everytime when we booked one of their acts. Okay we didn´t had a call everytime, but every booker no matter if it was Daniel, Dickon, Jo or Julia, was very nice and it was straightforward to work with them. So we know: If we ever get the chance to be part of this rooster and this nice agency this would be the best that could happen to us, because we know that we would be in good hands! And taaadaa please visit to book us :)

stylistberlin: Where will you be in 2015? 2020?

Takeiteasy: Hopefully on my own houseboat!

stylistberlin: A last word?

Takeiteasy: In Hamburg we say: “Diggah wo wooohnst du denn!!!”

stylistberlin: Upcoming gigs? 

Takeiteasy: 23.07 Ritterbutzke Berlin, 16.09.Baalsaal, Hamburg, 01.10. Baalsaal, Hamburg

Last word: Diggah wo wooohnst du denn!!!



…. About Adana Twins 

Real Name 

Benni & Friso

DJ Names:

Take it Easy & Freezo

. Date of birth (age): 

Takeiteasy: I am 27 and Friso is 28! Oh, damn, we are almost 30!

. Live where:

Takeiteasy: Eimbush in Hamburg. Because I LIKE IT!!

. Label: 

Baalsaal Records

Exploited/Black Jukebox

JEUDI Records

. Online appearance


PS. Be prepared to meet the guys in person:

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