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There is a young lady that was introduced last year to Berlin’s music scene with her EP who has since collaborated with the Booka Shade gentlemen – and it’s time we publish the inteview with her!

Passionate about music, talented and gifted with a lovely voice, JOPLYN is working on her debut album at the moment:

joplyn neu

Interview by Y. Cho

stylistberlin: Hi Joplyn, your debut last year was a pleasant surprise. How come you got into music?

JOPLYN: I guess I was always infatuated with the power of music. The way it can control people’s emotions, its versatility, everything. So one day I began playing around on my piano and just singing some melodies and things evolved from that.


stylistberlin: How do you describe your music?

JOPLYN: It doesn’t fit in one particular category, but I’d say it’s a mixture of Indie, Electronica, Pop, and Alternative R&B. “Clash Magazine” once described it as digital soul. That name has stuck with me ever since, as I feel like it totally makes sense regarding my sound, but it’s also such an oxymoron, right?


stylistberlin: You compose and write your songs yourself?

JOPLYN: Yes, I do. Sooner or later I hope I’ll have the opportunity to really write songs together with other musicians. I don’t have that much experience with co-writing songs yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Jamming looks like so much fun, and evidently it’s interesting to have other opinions and ideas integrated into your song writing.

stylistberlin: What is your favourite song of your “Cold Flames” EP and why?

JOPLYN: My favourite would probably be “Swan”, although I love all of them as they all describe different phases of my life. “Swan” is very motivational to me, and keeps me going. Lines like “sometimes in the wind of change we find our direction” remind me to stop overthinking things, and maybe find other ways also leading to my destination. Also I’m in love with the overall production and aesthetic of the song.


“sometimes in the wind of change we find our direction”


stylistberlin: About the process of writing – do the words come to you first, or the melody?

JOPLYN: Definitely depends. Sometimes I even do both simultaneously. Whether it’s a specific melody or text line that triggers my song, I love to elaborate on both.


stylistberlin: Are you currently working on something?

JOPLYN: My debut album, yea :) Me being somewhat a perfectionist, things like that take time. In the end, I want it to be super cohesive and capturing.


I want (the album) to be super cohesive and capturing


stylistberlin: Do you have hobbies or activities that might influence your work?

JOPLYN: I take dancing classes, and I love acting. Occasionally I record short films for fun, and then play around with filters and sounds.


stylistberlin: There is a home studio live recording on your youtube channel –  when did you start playing the piano/keyboards?

JOPLYN: When I was 6. However as soon as I was about 11 repeatedly playing classical music, started to bore me and I stopped. That was the time my dad introduced chords and all that to me, and finally being able to learn songs on the piano that I actually listened to thrilled me. I began experimenting with my abilities and eventually wrote my first ever song.


stylistberlin: Who was your biggest influence regarding your style of music?

JOPLYN: There’s no way I can answer this question naming solely one artist. However if I’m allowed to write down more than one, then influencers would absolutely be: Sade, Aaliyah, Sohn, Banks, Lorde, Chet Faker, FKA Twigs, London Grammar and Lana del Rey.


Influenced by: Sade, Aaliyah, Sohn, Banks, Lorde, Chet Faker, FKA Twigs, London Grammar and Lana del Rey


stylistberlin: Besides that, who is your favourite musician?

JOPLYN: That changes from month to month, but the one I’ll always adore and continuously listen to is Sade.


stylistberlin: How long do you usually work on your music?

JOPLYN: If I’m in the flow and have already done some groundwork then I’ll easily finish the song in 2-3 hours. But when I’m forcing things out of my mind, that process can take way longer, and also most of the time doesn’t end up being that good. Unfortunately, you can’t plan things like songwriting, you have to wait for the creativity to hit you first.


stylistberlin: You did a collaboration with Booka Shade for „Against the stream“, which is a solid song that could be very much used as film soundtrack. How was working with the guys? How did you influence each other?

JOPLYN: Working with them was great! After listening to my EP “Cold Flames”, they immediately wanted to collab. They sent me a playback onto which I composed “Against the Stream.” We emailed back and forth, constantly improving the track, until it fulfilled our desired aesthetic.

And back to your question: We certainly influenced each other by suggesting new ideas, new thoughts that would perfect the song in any way.



stylistberlin: With whom would you want to collaborate in the future?

JOPLYN: So many people! I’m open for trying new stuff, for example I think bringing together different music genres is really interesting… So maybe, collaborating with a hip hop artist? Frankly, I don’t know yet.


stylistberlin: What kind of musician do you want to become?

JOPLYN: I want to become an influencer. I want to help encourage change through my music, and I want people to understand me through my music.


I want to become an influencer. I want to help encourage change through my music, and I want people to understand me through my music.


stylistberlin: What are your plans the upcoming months now?

JOPLYN: Perfecting my nearly-finished next Single, and then continue working on my debut album.


stylistberlin: Can you write us something really quickly that you have in mind right now?

JOPLYN: Just some random thought? I’m really excited for the lasagna that is in the oven right now!


stylistberlin: Thank you, Joplyn!

JOPLYN: Oh, thank you for the support!




JOPLYN about Berlin:

JOPLYN loves “how honest and real the people here are”: “In all cities in the world, Berlin is the most unsuperficial, truthful and genuine city. And I’m proud to call it my home.”


Favourite spot to hang out: I know it’s such a cliché thing to say, but I love to spend my time in the studio.

Favourite restaurant:

District Mot

Favourite artist:

From Berlin? Bibi Bourelly. My fave song of hers is definitely “Guitar.” Go have a listen!



Currently, JOPLYN is practicing for gigs in the future, but you can listen to her songs and meet her here:




Get JOPLYN’s current SINGLE “Against the Stream” here:

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