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Till Von Sein – Reviewed 02


Label. Suol
Artist. Till von Sein
Title. Reviewed 02
Format. Digital
Cat.Number. SuolRev02
Release Date. 06 April 2018



At Suol, we recognize the importance of our artists’ hard work over the years.

The first review of this year 2018 and a new start into a blogger year starts with Suol’s compilation of 11(!) years of Till von Sein’s music: it is the second release of the Reviewed series of Berlin’s label Suol. The first release in the series Reviewed was out on the market almost exactly a year ago, with 14 tracks from the Suol catalogue and a mix. But first things first (for those of you (like me) who have been out of the loop for a while):

“We from Suol have been excitedly looking forward to presenting our first and brand new format: “Reviewed”. This will be a regular release, which will mainly highlight and recap some of the sweet spots of our artists’ extensive catalogues. Each issue will be dedicated to one single artist and include original, collaborated, and remixed productions from the past, which we humbly and genuinely think deserve to be reviewed. To add some topping on the cake, the issues will also contain some brand new releases from the respective artist.


01 Siri Svegler – Silent Viewer (Chopstick & Johnjon’s Rediscovered Remix)
02 Chopstick & Johnjon – Clear Eyes
03 Digitalism – Zdarlight (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix)
04 Chopstick & Johnjon – Obviously She’s A Whore
05 Chopstick & Johnjon feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner – A New Dub
06 Chopstick & Johnjon – Listen“
07 Till Von Sein – It’s All In The Spirit feat. Russoul (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix)
08 Chopstick & Johnjon feat. Signaljacker – Roots
09 Offshore Funk – Cinematique (Heiko Laux, Zander VT, Chopstick & Johnjon Remix)
10 Zoot Woman – Don’t Tear Yourself Apart (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix)
11 Chopstick & Johnjon – Birds
12 Hatikvah – Synchronicity (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix)
13 Chopstick & Johnjon – Rebound
14 Heiko Laux – Writin‘ Time (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix)

Reviewed #01 will be dedicated to our originators Chopstick & Johnjon. These guys are the fundamental reason we are even able to provide you with Suol-ful music from a variety of artists. Since they established Suol Music back in 2010 and even years before, many tracks have been produced/released and some might have vanished in the shadows of others. In lights of their big repertoire, no one would blame you if some gold chunks might have slipped through your filter. That’s why now we are inviting you to a trip down history lane of Chopstick & Johnjon, to give you an experience of their varying soulful, jazzy, and heavy house landscape.

The current issue highlights their consistency and quality, through some of their biggest tracks – like “Listen” and “Roots” – to give a retrospect of when you were sweating your butt off on dance floors to these tunes. But it also consists of some under-recognized tracks, which passed undiscovered through the mainstream radars – like “Birds” and “Rebound – to give you a taste of what you might have missed out on from other facets of Chopstick & Johnjon. Last but not least, the compilation introduces two brand new unreleased remixes by Chopstick & Johnjon.”


So, what is Reviewed 02 by Suol bringing us?

“At Suol, we recognize the importance of our artists’ hard work over the years. For this reason, we have come up with the Reviewed series, a regular format that is dedicated to one single artist and includes original, collaborated, and remixed productions from the past that we genuinely think deserve to be reviewed. Till Von Sein is ready to showcase “Reviewed 02”. The carefully selected tracks display the span of Till’s career as a producer, dating all the way back to the beginning of his roots in 2007 to the present time.”

And this. Is. Just. What. We. Needed. And I mean it!

“Reviewed 02″ consists of 3 brand new, 3 remastered, plus 10 handpicked tracks to outline Till’s career to this point.
This is where we would like to invite you to walk down memory lane as we revisit some of Till’s most successful tracks, including his and Tigerskin’s 3 tracks that have been remastered by the duo for this particular release which we are extremely excited for. This includes their remix of “Waitin’ for You” by Fetsum, for which Till was personally contacted by Alex from Jazzanova who was a big fan of Till’s work and asked to do a remix. As well as, the upbeat and dancey tune of “Good Times on the Reg”, and finally the hidden gem “Non-Existent Love”.

And IT IS a trip down memory lane, when you listen to this compilation: Whether you listened to sets of Catz ‘n Dogz or Claptone or Mantu… You will recognize Till von Sein’s tracks at some points in their curated music.

Till Von Sein „Reviewed 02“ Tracklist:

01 Till Von Sein „Encore“

02 Fetsum „Waitin’ For You (Till Von Sein & Tigerskin Remix)

03 Till Von Sein „Sunday Madness“

04 Chopstick & Till Von Sein „Bachkippe“

05 Till Von Sein „Booty Angel“

06 Till Von Sein feat. Mr. V (Pablo Fierro Remix) „The Manifest“

07 Till Von Sein „Crydale“

08 Till Von Sein „U n U“

09 Till Von Sein & Tigerskin „Good Times On The Reg“

10 Till Von Sein feat. Tigerskin, Lazarus & Meggy „Non Existent Love“

11 Till Von Sein, Aera „Dynamite“

12 Till Von Sein feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner, Thalstroem „Blueprint (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix)

13 Till Von Sein „Tilly’s Jam“

14 Kiki & Sasse „Belvedere (Till Von Sein Remix)“

15 Till Von Sein „Gestern“

16 Till Von Sein „Ocean Love“

The original track Booty Angel is from 2015, not THAT long ago, but Non Existent Love was released in 2011, for example, they really did dig deep into Till von Sein’s releases. Suol has added not only one, but THREE TREATS for you: There are three tracks that are brand new, as a bonus for those who decide to purchase this release in April:

“Consequently, the 3 brand new tracks cooked up by Till add extra flavor to the mix and showcase the development of his musical journey over the past 11 years. The first track is ‘Encore’ with its groovy melodic tune. The second track ‘Crydale’, which was inspired by old French 90’s House jams; and lastly, ‘Ocean Love’, the perfect track to dream the day away.”

[Maybe I will add some links here, after the tracks are released]

Till von Sein has been a Berlin household name for years now, and his chill character is showing in his music, moreso now that you have a carefully selected collection of his past releases ready to go.

This is a release that is a must have in your collection – as DJ and collector, musiclover and Till von Sein fan and supporter. You can not only play this compilation album while you do [whatever, really], but also play the tracks in your sets. In a club. For a better groove.

stylistberlin took a little hiatus, but this news prompted me to come back :D

Definitely recommending!

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I also have to mention that Ocean Love, the last track on the album is incredible chill and a good way to round up the composition of Till von Sein. Hardcore fans must have noticed the liaison between Till von Sein’s Twitter handle “Tilly Ocean” (I always have to think of R&B household name “Billy Ocean”…) and that track as well as his super hot 1-day-old mix on his soundcloud profile called “Three Eighteen” with – you guessed it, has an ocean as featured image – that he commented with “A moody one this month. Berlin´s notorious winter dictated the vibe on this one. A bunch of throwback jams and some new ones.” (I will link it below.)

It’s springtime in Berlin, and it still feels like winter. Maybe the mix will lighten up your day :D



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