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stylistberlin Interview: JOPLYN (Berlin)

No Comments 21 March 2017

There is a young lady that was introduced last year to Berlin’s music scene with her EP who has since collaborated with the Booka Shade gentlemen – and it’s time we publish the inteview with her! Passionate about music, talented and gifted with a lovely voice, JOPLYN is working on her debut album at the […]

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stylistberlin interview & giveaway: Planner Inserts Designer on Etsy – House of Lotte

No Comments 24 January 2016

Filofax, Erin Condren, Kate Spade, Kikki K, Leuchtturm… 2015 – in this digitally-ruled world, physical planners are back in fashion! Every single planner is unique in style and form. Helping to decorate the planners, a lot of designers are offering printable planner inserts on internet platforms. stylistberlin has hand-picked three of the planner insert designers […]

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Gabriele Krone-Schmalz: "Das darf nicht sein" (NDR/ZAPP) 16.04.2014

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Gabriele Krone-Schmalz: “Das darf nicht sein” (NDR/ZAPP) 16.04.2014

No Comments 20 September 2014

German journalism covering the Ukrainian-Russian conflict today, from the view of a journalist:   “Bei der Berichterstattung über den Konflikt zwischen der Ukraine und Russland gäbe es “entlarvende Automatismen”, erklärt die Dozentin für Journalistik, Gabriele Krone-Schmalz.” “Gabriele Krone-Schmalz studierte osteuropäische Geschichte, Politikwissenschaft, Slawistik und promovierte 1977 in Geschichte und Politischen Wissenschaften. Seit 1976 arbeitete sie überwiegend für verschiedene […]

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Ben Mono by Charles Andreo & Bijan Dharas 2


STYLISTBERLIN INTERVIEW: BEN MONO (Compost, Strictly Rhythm, Boysnoize, Stil vor Talent …)

No Comments 28 July 2014

STYLISTBERLIN INTERVIEW: BEN MONO (Compost, Strictly Rhythm, Boysnoize, Stil vor Talent …) By Y. Cho  Ben Mono: A cassical trained doublebass player from Munich who somehow ended up in Berlin doing club music. Ben Mono has been a friend of mine for a couple of years now, and his sets of music always match the […]

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News: Congrats, Edouard Morin on LumièresLaNuit

No Comments 07 November 2013

BAM! Our editor Edouard Morin has been preparing this for a while now and I am very happy that he finally came to the surface with his top-secret “project”! Paris-London-Berlin is getting a new techno and design label and I do believe that Edouard and his partner and friend Achille Biteau have “hit the golden […]

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stylistberlin Interview: Aurelia Paumelle

3 Comments 04 December 2012

stylistberlin Interview: Aurelia Paumelle   “I was dreaming of more. I always had the ideas but I was scared of my insecurity and my self-discipline.” by E. Morin   Aurelia Paumelle in her studio in Neukölln, Berlin – Photo credit: Lansky Le Vrai Born and raised in Normandie, Aurelia Paumelle studied modelling at l’Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale […]

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Video: stylistberlin Interview 001 | Jay Haze

1 Comment 19 November 2012

stylistberlin Interview 001 | Jay Haze from stylistberlin on Vimeo.

stylistberlin presents: Jay Haze

Jay Haze, a living legend if it comes to music, was the first guest of the stylistberlin interview videos!
He is talking about his move back to Germany after four years of absence, his cultural and social projects, and of course, his upcoming releases.
We were pretty stoked to have him as guest - let this film inspire your work, too!

The stylistberlin article about this film you can read here:

Jay Haze

Track: Datafunk in your ears (Left027, Leftroom Recordings)
all rights by the artist and label

Filmed & Cut by
Xaver Hirsch
Philipp Groth

stylistberlin - The Berlin Interviews

* All rights reserved. Please contact us if you want to use any material on this site. We anounced it earlier this month in a teaser, and finally, it it published officially!   stylistberlin Interview 001 | Jay Haze   When stylistberlin started as a private blog, the music and the words of Jay Haze were […]

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kasper hugo


Stylistberlin Interview: Kasper Bjørke (hfn)

1 Comment 16 November 2012

  Stylistberlin Interview: Kasper Bjørke (hfn music) * All pictures from the official Kasper Bjørke FB page By Y. Cho     Kasper Bjørke is one of the artists that visit Berlin from time to time and help to keep the musical scene diverse. His ability to produce a good track after another, along remixes for […]

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jonatan 1


Stylistberlin Interview: Jonatan Bäckelie aka Ernesto

1 Comment 26 October 2012

* Picture from here Stylistberlin interview: Jonatan Bäckelie aka Ernesto „Write your own stuff. Use your own words. That way it is probably easier for you to really feel it and find your voice and the way to perform it.“ By Y. Cho     The first time I heard the voice of Ernesto was […]

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adana twins


Interview: Introducing Adana Twins

No Comments 01 October 2012

stylistberlin Interview: Adana Twins (Baalsaal, EXPLOITED)* It has been a long time the Adana Twins knocked on my door – back then, stylistberlin was still a blog and I had just started writing music reviews and interview. Meanwhile, after the “Helium CowboyEP”, over a year has passed and the guys are very well developing. I […]

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JOSHUA RADIN "Song for you" from "The Fall" Album

JOSHUA RADIN "High and Low" from "The Fall" Album

yuna "Good Times" (party) - DJ set @ 60Hz, Berlin

JOPLYN "Cold Flames" EP

OUER (Live Set @Watergate)




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