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stylistberlin interview & giveaway: Planner Inserts Designer on Etsy – House of Lotte

0 Comments 24 January 2016

Filofax, Erin Condren, Kate Spade, Kikki K, Leuchtturm… 2015 – in this digitally-ruled world, physical planners are back in fashion! Every single planner is unique in style and form. Helping to decorate the planners, a lot of designers are offering printable planner inserts on internet platforms. stylistberlin has hand-picked three of the planner insert designers on etsy who will introduce their shops and products.


“Dark mint“: picture rights by

For stylistberlin, these designers will share their stories and give away some really nice goodies for stylistberlin readers! stylistberlin, in cooperation with the designers, will giveaway amazing products by the designers, so read through till the end!





Stylistberlin planner special 2016: Part I – Introducing HOUSE OF LOTTE’s owner Lotte Roelofs

lotte_houseoflotteEtsy Shop name: House of Lotte

Etsy Link:

Shop Info in one sentence / Slogan: “Nothing looks like paper feels”

Real Name: Lotte Roelofs

Nickname: Lottie

Age: 33

Further occupation: None, this is my full time occupation

Introduction to the shop, products (longer): The product range consists of inserts (printed and download), dividers, stickers and dashboards. Notepads will be added soon. All products are printed by a professional printing company in Amsterdam. All are my original designs.

When did the shop open: January 7 2015

Target audience: Anyone who loves a good quality planner product

Product price range: 3-115 euro

Shipping areas: Worldwide

Further links (social media, website etc.): facebookInstagramtwitter: HouseOfLotte




*House of Lotte banner by Lotte Roelofs



stylistberlin: Could you please introduce yourself?

I’m Lotte Roelofs, 33, from Amsterdam. I’ve lived in Italy and the US before starting a career in relocation. After 10 years of moving expats it was time to dedicate all my attention to my one true passion: creating the things that pop up in my mind.

stylistberlin: What makes you happy in life?

So many things! My husband, my family, my friends, travelling to new places, drawing and creating in general.

stylistberlin: Why did you open an Etsy shop for planner inserts?

In December 2014 I bought a Mulberry planner and I had no affection for the inserts that came with it. So I decided to make my own, in Word. It was quite a lot of work so I decided to sell them on Etsy. I was totally surprised making my first sale. I nearly sent my first customer and email with the text: Are you sure?? It sort of went from there and our study room is now filled with boxes and equipment.

stylistberlin: Where do you get the inspiration for your design from?

First of all, from travelling and looking at the colours I see. How does a colour make me feel?

inspiration from travelling and looking at the colours

Plus it’s great to draw the cuddly toys that me and my family have. We have been telling each other stories about them for years and featuring them in my designs is a really cool extra dimension.

stylistberlin: How does your personal planner look like?

I have 2 planners. One is a Mulberry Agenda (a6) and this is my daily planner. There is a to-do list for the day at the beginning, then a tab with my z-fold year planner, the next tab is long-term to-do lists, the third tab are a month on 2 pages, then a week on 2 pages, next a section with all the know-how I use on a daily basis for House of Lotte, and the last section is for ideas and doodles. I will shortly have a Mulberry Planner (a5) on top of this. I am most likely going to use her for stories and drawings.


* Pictures by Lotte Roelofs, HOUSE OF LOTTE


stylistberlin: What is most important for you regarding a planner and the inserts?

Most important for me is that my planner actually helps me to plan my day. I don’t decorate it like a beautiful work of art like some planner addicts do. People always think I am a highly organised person, but I have to. I will forget everything when I don’t write it down. Especially now that I am pregnant!

stylistberlin: When do you use a planner?

All day every day – if I don’t write it down I lose the plot!

stylistberlin: Which accessories do you use, and why?

I use a Lamy fountain pen with blue/black ink (makes my handwriting look acceptable!), that is it really …

stylistberlin: What are your favourite items in your shop?

The Kika inserts, the glitter dividers and the dividers where people can ad their own photo’s to.


* Kika inserts from HOUSE OF LOTTE


* Glitter dividers from HOUSE OF LOTTE


* Dividers with own pictures


stylistberlin: Which items are the most popular on your shop (up to 3)?

The month on 2 pages spreads, the glitter dividers and the z-fold year planner

month on tow pages

* Month on two pages from HOUSE OF LOTTE


* z fold year planner from HOUSE OF LOTTE


It is the most rewarding job I’ve had so far

stylistberlin: How long does it take to design a monthly/weekly/daily… insert?

It depends, sometimes the idea is already in your head and sometimes it takes weeks. Whilst I was in Japan on a holiday I took 3 weeks to design one planner pack. That was actually quite relaxing to have to take the time and not to get to impatient to get it to print. I think it is the best one thus far. I hope to be able to design like that more often.

stylistberlin: Does the work on the shop reward you in any way?

It is the most rewarding job I’ve had so far, not because my other job was not rewarding, but because I find it truly rewarding that customers love something I first created in my mind. It is still so special when people gush about Kika and tell how it brings them happiness every day. What’s not to love??

stylistberlin: Do your family and friends support you? If so, how?

I have a tremendous support system. My husband and I talk finance. Graphic design is a bit of a hobby for him, so he does the final checks on the designs. My mum and dad are also a great support. My friends are always good indicators to see if a design is a hit or a miss.

stylistberlin: Can you live off the Etsy shop?

No, not yet, but the trend is positive.

stylistberlin: Are there any plans you have for the future regarding your shop and your items? What can we look forward to?

More Kika items are coming this year, she will be featured in new drawings on dashboards and dividers. Notepads will be added in the coming weeks. They come punched or unpunched and fit the regular planner sizes like A6, A5, Pocket and Personal.

More Kika items: new drawings on dashboards and dividers. Notepads: punched or unpunched

stylistberlin: To people who want to open their own Etsy Shop, do you have any suggestions?

It doesn’t have to be perfect when you start off, but do make sure you have an original product in which you believe. Please don’t infringe copyright, it might make you a buck now but it will bite you in the bum later on. Customer service is everything, marketing and promotion helps. However, if you don’t have a good product, the bulls eye I call it, the rest of the dart board is just decoration.

stylistberlin: Anything else you would like to mention?

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be featured! Thank you!

Shop Giveaway Items:

I’ll give away a sheet of all my sticker in my shop:





Coffee cup


Winter Stickers




To win the amazing giveaway by HOUSE OF LOTTE:

– Kika
– Flaps
– Bear
– Presents
– Coffee cup
– Bimi
– Winter Stickers

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We will announce the winners in the upcoming weeks, after all three designers were introduced! Three chances to win the most amazing planner items! GOOD LUCK!

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