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8 Jahre Beatport @ Watergate

No Comments 24 February 2012

Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg was shaking at the “8 Jahre beatport” (8 yrs of beatport) party, that was celebrated last night at Watergate. As it is not allowed to take pictures inside (and as a club-lover, I do respect the rules) I took the liberty to take the picture above from the inside – out. The vibes were […]

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Impressions, Specials

Torstraßenfestival 2011

No Comments 20 February 2012

stylistberlin was involved with the first Torstraßenfestival line-up 2011 for Mein Haus am See and here are some impressions about what you have missed: Check out the pics by Dominic Simon For more information

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Impressions, Specials kick-off by Wilfried Metten

No Comments 07 December 2011

Thanks to Wilfried Metten ( for the nice photographs! All rights reserved by the artist. Nhan Solo (Semester Musik) Kozak & Couleur (weplaysex) André Crom, Taan Newjam, Markus Binapfl, Nhan Solo Nhan Solo II Zeitgeist Construction, Kozak Guests of Mein Haus am See

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Impressions, Specials

29 Nov 2011: kick-off by Le Voltage

No Comments 02 December 2011

Image: Le Voltage So, the first impressions of the stylistberlin website kick-off party at Mein Haus am See are online – on le voltage! Shout outs to the photographer! Enjoy!

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29 Nov 2011: kick-off

1 Comment 30 November 2011

Shout outs to… Nhan Solo (Semester Musik) and Kozak & Couleur (weplaysex) for the amazing sounds at the turntables! Markus Binapfl for the “technical” support ;) for the outfit Carla for the Jameson Whiskey drinks Taan Newjam, Thea & Anton, the Skornyakov family, Irving jr. & friends, David & friends, Daniel Skornicka, Dance on […]

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My Berlin: “… as long as we don’t give up” – Antoine Shapiro

No Comments 23 November 2011

  Antoine Shapiro’s  Message to Berlin: People and places may change, but the spirit of Berlin is in everyone who decides to live it – and it will remain as long as we don’t give it up!

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My Berlin: “Dirty but sexy…” – DJ Morgoth (Bootie Berlin)

No Comments 21 November 2011

DJ Morgoth … About Berlin: . Favourite… –Cafe/Bar: Abgedreht –Club: Party: Cassiopeia / Concerts: Columbia Halle –Restaurant/Imbiss: Fritiersalon . Please complete the sentence: “Berlin… dirty but sexy”

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My Berlin: “Berlin… loves you, hates you and does it all over again” – Max Buskohl

No Comments 19 November 2011

Where are you from? I was born in Berlin 1988. 1990 we moved to Jesteburg ( a small town south of Hamburg), with 4 I was moved to Lanzarote where I spent the next 8 years with the exception of having gone to school in Sydney for a couple of months. Just before I turned […]

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My Berlin: “Berlin is bad for your health” – Elie Eidelman

No Comments 16 November 2011

Elie Eidelman Favourite… … Cafe/Bar – Transit/Soju Bar … Club – that’s a trick question in Berlin… I truely love Cookies … Restaurant/Imbiss – Maria Peligro / Imram … Location in general to hang out in Berlin – Kreuzberg What Elie likes about Berlin/Berliners/Life here: Nobody works full time! Elie about Berlin: “Berlin is bad for your health”

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Impressions, News

“Jesse Rose is my God”, happy birthday, 6 years made to play!

No Comments 14 November 2011

Saturday, 12 Nov 2011: made to play is an established label with a bunch of good producers and DJs. Jesse Rose, the label founder and “big boss” himself showed how to deliver a set properly at Water gate Club last Saturday. Delivering a dynamic set at Watergate, he knew how to make the people dance- […]

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JOSHUA RADIN "Song for you" from "The Fall" Album

JOSHUA RADIN "High and Low" from "The Fall" Album

yuna "Good Times" (party) - DJ set @ 60Hz, Berlin

JOPLYN "Cold Flames" EP

OUER (Live Set @Watergate)




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