Philipp Groth on “Hide Your Face” & “Athari”

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stylistberlin inteview: Philipp Groth (artist) about his first solo exhibition “Hide Your Face” & “Athari” at Stattbad Wedding

by Y.Cho


Philipp Groth grew up near the French-German border in Saarbrücken. At the moment, he studying communications design at “Design Akademie” in Berlin. It is only his 2nd semester. He smokes all our cigarettes, eats a whole burger within a glimpse of an eye, when everyone else is still looking for napkins, has embarrassing  stories about his flatmates to tell and is all in all a very much adorable company.

This lad is only 18 years old, born on the 23th of June 1993 and was the first one picked by the official Call For Artists by stylistberlin for the first exhibition curated at Stattbad Wedding.

stylistberlin introducing: Philipp Groth

* All photographs of this interview by Xaver Hirsch



Intricate, passionate, emphatic

If you would describe your work in three words

Intricate, passionate, emphatic



How many pieces do you already have?

There are three series: ‚Athari‘ (including four works), Athari #2‘ (including three works) and the last series named ‚Hide your face‘ (including four works).

Every work of my first three series is created out of ink and pen in combination with analogue, photographic material


You are working with collages and and paint. Why?

The work with collages offers the possibility of exploring all different facets of art. You get the ability to use and rearrange extraordinary materials, shapes and ideas. Connected to this ideas I started using pen and ink as well. Within the composition of these collages and paintings I tried to create a fusion of both elements, so you don’t even know which is one, which is the other.


work with collages offers the possibility of exploring all different facets of art



Where would they fit?

I like to choose locations and events depending on their compatibility with the style and expression of my work. Honestly, I don’t like those ‘super clean’ galleries at all. For me it’s important to show my works in a place that is telling an exciting story itself.


important to show my works in a place that is telling an exciting story itself


What does your artwork mean to you?

For me it expresses escapism from reality. Like a little world including my own argot in order to analyze and understand complex connections.



Where do you get the inspiration from?

The idea of the ‚Athari‘ series came from fragmentary memories. I own this photo album, a really old one, containing pictures of my childhood. One day I noticed that I didn’t remember the exact places and the time where and when those photos were taken, or I even didn’t recognize the portrayed persons. All I had was a special feeling when I looked at them. Consequently I tried to express this special feeling by arranging the background and just putting the given photography into its place.

These Paintings are pure memories of mine and very personal.


escapism from reality


The inspiration of ‚Hide your face‘ is  the behavior of people acting in social surroundings. The changes in their personality, hiding it behind a mask. That really seems interesting to me and it happens all the time and around every single person.


Caspar David Friedrich


Your biggest idols if it comes to art?

Definitely Caspar David Friedrich. I love the way he involves the viewer in the atmosphere of his paintings, it’s like ‘wow’.


Do you have a teacher you follow?

Actually I don’t. Should I ?

I’m just following my dreams, that’s all.


I’m just following my dreams, that’s all.

With whom do you want to work in the future?

I’m really fascinated by the connection of art and music and I’m looking forward to have more exhibitions within the framework of musical events, like stylistberlin made it happen.


stylistberlin made it happen



Why are you living in Berlin as an artist?

Everybody knows that Berlin is the modern symbol of a cultural und artistic metropolis. But it’s rather more than that. It’s the fascination of seeing all those different cultures and personalities crashing into each other. Melting or pushing off. I think Berlin became my hometown, yes.


Berlin became my hometown


You were the first one picked of the stylistberlin call for artists. How come you applied for this?

I’ve seen and listened to some of the radio- and TV-shows of stylistberlin before and was immediately taken by the sympathy and the mode of operation that the whole team was working with. Consequently, I was encouraged as I saw the ‘Call for Artist’ on and incredibly happy, when I came to know that I’m the first one who has the honor of having the first exhibition.


Where did you exhibit your work before? Is this your first one?

Yeah, actually it’s my first official exhibition due to stylistberlin. There are a few more offers that have reached me lately, located in Berlin and Luxembourg. But those will take place at the end of this year.


You are amazingly young. If you look to the future, how do you „paint“ it now?

Haha. I take it as a compliment. I’m actually not that guy who worries about the future all the time. Right now I’m just really thankful that I have the possibility to do what I love. If this could go on for the rest of my life it would be amazing.


If this could go on for the rest of my life it would be amazing.


If you had one wish for free right now, what would it be?

I would wish for a society that doesn’t put art under economic guidelines. Art can only be the creative power of society if it’s free and sometimes ‘unpopular’.

Art can only be the creative power of society if it’s free and sometimes ‘unpopular’.



More info:

Philipp Groth’s vernissage took place at Stattbad Wedding, the uprising art space with loads of studios and ateliers.

His vernissage was combined with acts by Spencer Parker and Guido Schneider ofr example:

The finissage will be combined with the backroom label night at Stattbad: with acts by Ame, Cinthie, Dixon, Genius of Time, Morgan Geist and many more.

At the finissage, you will be able to purchase some canvas bags with the title piece printed on it

*** To purchase a strictly limited edition of art prints, signed and numbered, please contact yuna at ***

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