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Restaurant: New Korean Restaurant GoGoGi

0 Comments 27 March 2015

gogogi opening stylistberlin 2.jpg

The much anticipated new Korean restaurant in Berlin-Mitte has opened its doors: GoGoGo, an authentic Korean-style restaurant celebrated the Grand Opening on Thursday, 26th of March 2015. Located at the foot of Weinbergspark, the popular café and restaurant area around Rosenthaler Platz, GoGoGi could not possibly located anywhere better than there.

Between Gorki Park/Sauerkraut and Café Fleury, GoGoGi has its place at the former Frozen Yoghurt location. The wooden patio has been removed (German bureaucracy, we will never understand why) and the owner’s have focussed on the interior design: each and every piece handmade and personally chosen to create an unique atmosphere.

The bar-area:

The most beautiful table is the “big doors table”, formerly two original Korean wooden doors that were converted into two matching tables which function at the moment as big table for bigger groups of guests. On one side, you have a long bench along the wall, made of Korean wood, and a Korean traditional nacre-table on table-legs to make a Western-styled dining table, wooden tables made out of the same wood panels that the floor and bar constitutes of and finally, a stone table which seems to be made of marble.

gogogi bar

(picture by ett la benn)

The lightning is handmade/installed by Mr.Kim, a former interior designer and one of the owners of the restaurant:


Some steps lead to another open room for eating – here you have indirect light through Korea-inspired lamp installations.

gogogi hall

(picture by ett la benn)

Red room:

For special occasions, you can rent the “Red Room” with another photograph by a friend of the owners:

red room


(Picture by ett la benn)



The menu includes most of the traditional dishes, which some of you might already be familiar with, like Dol-sot Bibimbap (rice served with vegetables and fried egg/meat, Gochu-jang/peperoni paste in a hot stone bowl), Bulgogi (Korean-style beef in soy sauce), Dongrae Pa-Jeon (by many referred to as Korean vegetable pancakes) and Jab-chae (Korean glass noodle salad in soy sauce).

Vegetarians will find something to eat as well as meat lovers, as GoGoGi chose to make their meals with German Neulandfleisch (happy cow-meat), so a bit of an effort to make the dishes as PC as possible was made.

gogogi opening stylistberlin.jpg

(picture by stylistberlin: from left to right clockwise: interior, already mixed bibimbab, jabchae, beoseot-jeongol (mushroom stew), center: GoGoGi team and guests, view on the side of the bar)

Beverages are a fine mixture of Korean sojus, Western sodas, beers and wines. The only thing that was missing was the famous Korean Makgeolli (rice wine) on the card, but GoGoGi was offering plenty of alternatives to drink.


Pre-Opening in January 2015:

We were few of the lucky guests at the pre-opening for friends in January, where we tried some of the delicious dishes by GoGoGi.

GRAND OPENING March 26, 2015:

All in all a success; people were standing in line even before the doors opened at sharp 7pm and lots had to be sent away to a later time, as the restaurant was packed for hours.



This is a restaurant with a unique design, a cool concept and made with a lot of love, where you can get authentic Korean food made by real Koreans, you are served by Korean staff and are introduced to Korean culture – it is not only a dining experience, but also an opportunity for those of you who want to get to know authentic temporary Korea and traditional Korean culture.

Currently, the restaurant is open in the evenings from 19h onwards, but soon they will offer Lunch menus as well.


Name: Gogogi

Address: Weinbergsweg 24, 10119 Berlin (Rosenthaler Platz, U8, M8, M1, M12 and busses…)


Facebook Page: gogogiberlin

gogogi patio

(picture by ett la benn)

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