STYLISTBERLIN REVIEW: Hype Williams “Galice”

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STYLISTBERLIN REVIEW: Hype Williams “Galice”

by M. Yohannes



Label. Self-released
Artist. Hype Williams
Title. Galice
Format. Digital download only
Release date. 23rd November, 2012
Domain (to listen & download).


The elusive Hype Williams, a.k.a. Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland, have emerged from the deepest darkest depths with a self-released surprise freebie for your ears. Plucked out of their soon-to-be-released London 2012 tour CD, single ‘Galice’ works as a nice little teaser to fans ahead of the release proper of its parent record later this year.

When the pair emerged with full force onto the scene with 2010 release Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, And Start Gettin’ Reel’ they certainly made waves. What to make of the supposedly die-hard Oasis fans, producing dubs using samples of anything from crying babies to RnB stars Drake and Cassie?

“Don’t believe the hype, you either get it or get gone” is the duo’s message to newcomers to their sound. But I would advise sparing a bit more time to truly explore the artistry in the mysterious music-scapes they create together, before heading too hastily for the door.

On ‘Galice’, the London-Berlin duo push and pull a parade of woozy, unrelenting beats led into the fray by the dreamy vocal work of Copeland. True to the HW style, the juxtaposition and unorthodox song structure defies genre etiquette, but is in all its tenacious glory. Through the song’s 6 minute course, the dancehall-style beat driven by the sounds of jutting gun shots and the swirls of sexy sirens gives way, and Copeland comes to the fore to ease the track’s transition into pop territory. Unorthodox, mad and contrary to the general logics of music, it still just works.

Each listen reveals a great talent underlying the HW cloak of mystique. A talent that produces music so painstaking in its intricacy and complexity that each time you hit repeat, their music changes shape and form right in your very hands – no small feat by any means.

Playing one of their rare live sets, the pair headlined recently at sell out Berghain night ‘Polymorphism’ alongside King Midas Sound where ‘Galice’ went down a storm. If you missed out, one half of Hype Williams – Dean Blunt – will be making a live return to Berlin shores as part of next year’s CTM Festival in Berghain/Panorama Bar on 28th January 2013. So, it’s with nothing but pleasure I offer unto you, ‘Galice’; now available for free download.

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